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flynn_b_creates's Journal

3 January 1979
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The creative outlet of flynn_boyant!

Here there be graphics, also known as, "ooh the pretties!".

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Everything here is, generally speaking, work safe. However, I do delve into slash fandoms but very tastefully done. Nothing graphic, well very, ehem. Anyhoo, I'll try to keep things as clearly marked and organized as possible so no one will have to view something they rather wouldn't.

General Disclaimer: I make no profit from these. They are private pieces devoted to my favorite fandoms. I do not own or claim ownership to any series, movie, character, etc. depicted in these works. Everything that will be posted here will mainly be created from screencaptures and scans. I will try to credit lj users for their screencaptures. If I forget or if I credit the wrong individual simply let me know and I will correct the oversite as soon as possible. Any promotional pictures altered for artistic purposes will carry a special disclaimer crediting the original source (e.g. Original Doctor Who promotional picture from BBC site, bbc.co.uk/doctorwho). I'm hoping that the Beeb won't bother to sue little ol' me because I was so gosh darn honest! Quotes will also be credited.

1.) No hotlinking
2.) Please credit if you use anything seen here.
3.) Comments are lovely (^_^) but I don't mind if you don't.